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Live counter bidding

One of the most important things in trading is the neogation part. Where the buyer and the seller can counter bid with each other. On the Trading platform we have made it very simple to do so.

Here is some key features:

Bid directly between buyer and seller

Get notifications when there is a new bid

Accept, decline og counter bid

Write comments or choose standard options

Choose delivery adresses in bids

Accept bid automatic generates an ordre

Collect order system

Are you sitting at the office or you have a sales team running in the fields to collect orders? On the trading platform the customer, the seller or administration can collect orders though the system. The buyer directly for the catalog, the seller in the field on the phone or tablet, or the admin sitting at the office as backoffice

Key points on order collection

Create your sales team from your seller account

Unlimited sales team

Access from all devices

Make custom orders to your buyers

Auto import

With auto import you can automatic import your products into the Trading Platform. The import is handled by a Cronjob that can be customized to fit individual needs. So you can choose what time and date and how many times you need the import to run.

Key features:

You can make global price settings based on price groups

Choose currency for imports

Exclude products from import by EAN number

If you have more than one platform you can choose to witch you want to import to

You can choose if you want bids or not

Special delivery times

How long the product should be active

Choose different zones for import, by region or country

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